An Intimate Relationship with the Almighty
Prophecy by Don Franklin, July 2007

     It has always been about relationship and not mass production of numbers or quantities of information on a piece of paper to prove how spiritual you are or what you've done for Me.  From the time of Adam and Eve on down to the time of Christ it was about God appearing to a man, to a woman, in a one on one relationship with them. 

Adam and Eve, Moses, Noah, Enoch, David, Samuel - men and women who would commune with Me from their heart - they didn't have a formal relationship through a church or through a structure.  They had a living one on one relationship with Me everyday and it was out of that relationship that they lived and moved and had their being and ministered.  

And when the Lord Jesus came to give his life a ransom for many, he came to open up access to the Father that you could have the type of relationship that Adam and Eve had even before the Fall, that you could become "now beloved are we the sons and daughters of God."  

But the enemy has stepped in and he has substituted church attendance, substituted bible study, substituted quoting scripture - the devil himself can quote scripture.  He has substituted all manners of religious activity and service for a personal one on one relationship with Me. 

     I'm bringing you back to the founding key of a relationship and that is quieting yourself down and spending time with your Heavenly Father, and it it out of this that you will minister, out of this that you will flow, out of this that you will live and move and have your being.  

Jesus said, I do nothing - N, O, T, H, I, N, G - except my Father in Heaven shows Me.  He was not responsible to do a single thing that he was not shown.  He didn't come to reform the nations, to reform the government, to reform the churches.  He came to simply do the will of his Heavenly Father, which was to die on a Cross and to give his life a ransom for many that could open up the gates of Heaven - the relationship to the Father. 

I have a specific calling and ministry for your life and for other lives and you will never find it outside of a one on one with Me.  So, your relationship with Me everyday is the most important thing on this planet.  And I'm calling you do draw aside and to intensify that relationship with Me and as you do I'm going to speak to you, and whisper to you, and show you things.  

And I'm going to change the whole way you view Christianity and the whole way you view ministry and the whole way you view what you're called to do.  It's going to change you, saith the Lord; it's going to change you. 

     And so yes, make it a habit to commune with Me everyday of your life whether you are down at a church or whether you're home.  Shut everything off, turn everything aside and come and kneel before Me, and not just for five or ten minutes while you run to think about the laundry or what you have to do the next day. Come and spend quality time with Me and I will turn your life upside down in ways you've never dreamed, but it's all going to come out of that relationship with Me.  

I will change the way you view things; I will change the way you do things; I will change the way you dress; I will change the way you talk; I will change it all, saith God, so you can be my hand extended to this world, but not in frustration and not in craziness.  You are going to have peace like a river and people are going to be drawn to you because of the peace of God they sense on you. 

I'm going to show you how to walk with Me like Abraham did.  I'm going to show you how to be at peace about things. I'm going to bring you to a rest in Me that is going to be absolutely delicious. You're not going to worry about things; you're not going to fret about things. You're going to be at peace when you have the perfect will of your Father in Heaven. 

     I can open up the Garden to you, and it is not opened to everyone.  It's opened to those who love the Father and who are willing to obey the Father.  And when you enter the Garden of God you will be taken care of.  There will be peace; there will be provision; there will be relationship because the Lord Jesus has taken the enemy out of the picture and defeated him.  

Be restored to your relationship with Me as it was with Adam and Eve. They didn't have to minister to please Me. They didn't have to bring in eighteen thousand souls a day to please Me. They didn't have to perform and prophesy and heal people and do all of these things to please Me. They're my children; I am pleased with them.  All I wanted to do was to talk to them, and walk with them, and be friends with them, and share my love with them.

And that is what I would like to bring you into - to enter in behind the veil, to pierce the heart of your Heavenly Father, so I can move to put my arms around you and show my love.  Come be at peace and be at rest.  Come enter into the heart of your God and he will indeed keep you safe and comfort you with his wings and pour knowledge and training and expertise into you.

As you commune with Me, you need not fear for the future.  You will be my delight, my joy, my children and I will provide for you.


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