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Don Franklin came to salvation and received the gift of the Holy Spirit during the Catholic Charismatic movement.  Later, he went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in ministerial studies at Southeastern University, Lakeland, FL, where he met his wife, Bonnie.

After marriage, Bonnie & Don began serving as prophets and intercessors in  Carpenters Home & Ignited Church under both Karl & Joyce Strader and now Stephen & Janice.  In February, 2009, they became Evangelistic Missionaries of Ignited Church.  



Prophecies over individuals and churches during times of prayer and prophetic ministry...


Intercessory prayers prayed forth under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit...


Prophetic revelation as revealed through moving pictures by the Spirit of the Lord...

Audio Files

Tape recorded prophecies, prayers, and teachings ..



Ministry of Don Franklin


Have you felt the anointing of the Spirit and been touched by the Lord? Please feel free to give what the Lord lays on your heart to continue to make it possible for Don & Bonnie to minister & evangelize the world for Jesus. 

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